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Right from its earliest days, Caccia al Piano has opened its cellar doors and vineyards to winelovers and tourists who wanted to experience the sensory impressions and colours of its wine estate. This commitment to hospitality has always been a hallmark of the wineries of the Berlucchi Group.

Tours of Caccia al Piano are an adventure for all the senses: an immersion into the vivid, ever-changing hues of the vineyards, the velvety silence of the barrel cellar, the enfolding fragrances and decisive yet elegant flavours of the wines.
Guests may select among 3 options:


Living Caccia al Piano means exploring the Estate, admiring the Torre Panoramica and visiting the Barricaia, where our wines mature. The experience is completed with a tasting of the 4 most representative wines and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



A journey to the origins of the Estate, a unique experience uncovering the history of Caccia al Piano, culminating in a tasting of 3 vintages of our Bolgheri Superiore, a wine with great longevity and extraordinary evolutionary potential.



Discover our most prestigious vineyard to admire Bolgheri from the hills to the sea. The tour continues in the winery with a tasting of the 3 most iconic wines and a vertical tasting of 4 vintages of Bolgheri Superiore, including a preview of one.