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Officially opened in 2014, after a 3-year construction period, the winemaking cellar was built next to the historic hunting lodge, in a strategic position within the Cantina vineyard. Its equidistance from the other three cru vineyards offers obvious advantages in shortening travel and processing periods.

Fermentation takes place on the ground floor, largely in temperature-controlled stainless-steel fermenters. The barrel cellar, or Barricaia, hosts some 700 barrels and large oak ovals, and its position eight metres below ground helps keep temperatures and humidity naturally constant.

The winecellar observation tower, or Torre Panoramica, is a fine example of the metaphysical rationalist style, its clean, essentialist lines harkening back to the archetypal Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in Rome’s EUR quarter, while, in interesting contrast, the inclined plane of its roof was inspired by the traditional tobacco-drying towers dotting the Tuscan coast, resulting in a modern reinterpretation of a local architectural tradition.