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The Bolgheri terroir has amply proved its ability, over a lengthy arc of years, to produce wines that are both attractive and approachable in their youth and yet fully capable as well of confronting long cellaring with verve and exquisite balance. Unreservedly adopting this tradition, Caccia al Piano adheres to a winemaking philosophy that strives to both showcase the characteristics of its four crus and to produce a distinctive blend of the vineyards.


Bolgheri DOC Superiore

The new Bolgheri Superiore, which bears the name of the wine estate, is our finest expression of the San Biagio vineyard. This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc matures approximately 24 months in oak barrels.


Bolgheri DOC Rosso

This historic Bolgheri Rosso, a blend of 4 grapes, has represented, since its very first vintage in 2001, the collective expression of the finest quality our vineyards produce.


Bolgheri DOC Bianco

The initial vintage of Caccia al Piano’s Bolgheri Bianco, a blend of Vermentino and Sauvignon Blanc aged 12 months in fine-grained oak casks, has a very limited production.

CaP Rosé

Metodo Classico VSQ

The first Tradition Method produced in the Bolgheri area: Syrah and Merlot, in an original version that pleasantly surprised us. Territory, Vine, Climate, Experience and Fantasy: our 5 references of this new exciting adventure.

The Grottine vineyard, facing the Via Bolgherese, lends its name to these wines. Fruit of a modern inspiration, yet at the same time an authentic interpretation of the coast of Tuscany, these two crisp, versatile wines perfectly transform any occasion.


Toscana IGT

Out youngest vineyards yield this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, widely appreciated for its harmonious, crisp balance.


Toscana IGT

With its ultra-tangy flavours and mineral edge, faithfully expresses the characteristics of the Vermentino grape.


Toscana IGT

Perfect expression of our vineyards closest to the sea where Syrah best expresses all its aroma and Merlot gives softness.



Extra Virgin

The olives from a grove next to the Le Bozze vineyard are cold-pressed to produce a limited-quantity Extravirgin Olive Oil whose full-bodied yet refined character eloquently reflects the predominant qualities of the Tuscan coast. This true “green gold” makes an inspired partner to the most refined cuisine.


Bianca & Barriccata

The method we utilise to produce our grappas involves, first, the continuous sublimation of the fermented grape-skin pomace, followed by single-batch distillation in a traditional copper pot-still. This complex, classic process yields two exceptional grappas, outstanding ambassadors of a long Italian tradition.