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CaP Rosé

Metodo Classico VSQ


Some years ago, we rediscovered a growing area that, to say the least, is extraordinary. That inspired us to dream afresh and to apply what our family has been doing with passion for 60 years. This cuvée of Syrah and Merlot surprised us, too. Terroir, Grape Variety, Climate, Experience, and Imagination: they are what served as our guide in this new, exciting adventure.


50% Syrah
50% Merlot


The 2020 growing season opened to a relatively mild winter with abrupt temperature drops; a warm, dry spring followed, favouring a rapid budbreak. Abundant groundwater reserves allowed to develop regularly during the subsequent summer months. August brought significant day/night temperature differentials, conditions that encouraged an excellent ripening process, while late-month rains and cooler weather met the vines remaining water requirements. The harvest started during the first days of September.


The two grapes are hand-harvested separately in small 15 kg crates at different moments, as soon as each reaches optimal desired ripeness. The clusters of each then receive a very gentle, gradual pressing, resulting in a yield of only 40% in a must rich in primary aromas, a firm acidity, and abundant polyphenols, but without extracting tannins that would negatively impact the elegance and finesse of our classic method wine. The must ferments slowly at a low temperature for about 15 days; at a certain point, the temperature is lowered abruptly, to conserve some natural sugars, which will serve for the secondary fermentation in the bottle.


In the successive spring, the wine undergoes tirage: it is bottled together with yeasts that will transform the remaining sugars into alcohol and CO2. When the secondary fermentation concludes, the sparkling wine undergoes a further maturation in the bottle on the spent yeast cells for 10 months. The wine is then riddled and disgorged, for this vintage on 8 March 2022.