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Bolgheri DOC Bianco


A limited production for this first vintage of the Caccia al Piano Bolgheri Bianco, where Vermentino and Sauvignon Blanc mature for about 12 months in selected woods, enhancing the freshness and aroma typical of Bolgheri white wines. A wine that expresses immediate pleasure without giving up an excellent aging potential.


70% Vermentino
30% Sauvignon Blanc


The 2022 vintage was characterized by a mild winter followed by a significant drop in temperatures between March and April. Spring was dry with only one substantial rainfall in April and an important rise in temperatures during the second half of May.
During all the summer period the weather was sunny until August the 15th , when a series of rainy days started filling up the water reserves
of the soil and assisting the grapes to achieve a perfect ripeness slowly enough to consider the 2022 harvest among the longest in recent years.


The two grape varieties are hand-picked into small 15 kg crates, at separate times in order to harvest the fruit at its optimal physical ripeness and in response to weather conditions. The whole clusters of Vermentino are gently pressed, while the Sauvignon Blanc clusters are destemmed and the must is cryomacerated in an oxygen free environment. The musts of both are then individually fermented at a controlled temperature of 15°C.


The two wines each mature separately for 9 months, Vermentino in small 10 hl casks and Sauvignon Blanc in small oak barrels. Bolgheri Bianco is then assembled from these lots and rests a further 3 months in the same containers before being bottled and released in the spring.