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Toscana IGT


A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot coming from our youngest vineyards on the Via Bolgherese. Fermented and matured in stainless steel only it’s a wine of great freshness and saltiness with a nice fruity nose. Its floreal label embodies a contemporary style, representing an authentic voice of the Tuscan cost.


50% Cabernet Sauvignon
50% Merlot


The 2020 growing season opened to a relatively mild winter with abrupt temperature drops; a warm, dry spring followed, favouring a rapid budbreak. Abundant groundwater reserves allowed to develop regularly during the subsequent summer months. August brought significant daynight temperature differentials, conditions that encouraged an excellent ripening process, while late-month rains and cooler weather met the vines’ remaining water requirements. The harvest started during the first days of September.


The clusters are picked by hand into small, 15 kg crates, each grape variety and vineyard parcel harvested separately. After a meticulous quality inspection before destemming, the berries macerate at a controlled temperature in stainless steel. A 2 week fermentation follows, then the wine is racked off and goes through malolactic fermentation.


The wines mature solely in stainless steel tanks, after which the individual lots are assembled into the final blend and bottled.